Upgrading home appliances is a simple way to add value to a home, reduce energy consumption, and improve the functionality of a given space. When it’s time to replace older appliances, it may be tempting to order from an online retailer or head to the first garage sale on the street. However, purchasing new items from local appliance stores can be a much better decision. Here’s why:

Knowledgeable Staff

Most stores that sell household appliances employ a very knowledgeable staff. The employees know the ins and outs of the products they sell and can offer advice based on each buyer’s unique needs. Whether an individual is working with budget constraints or has very specific measurements that cannot be altered, the sales staff will be able to locate the perfect appliance for their needs. Best of all, rather than searching forums and blogs online for answers to tricky questions, the staff is equipped to answer questions or find someone who can.

Better Selection

The garage sale on the street corner may have a handful of used appliances ready to be taken home, but they may all be outdated or made by a single brand. A store will have a much larger selection, complete with different manufacturers, price points, and features. Rather than having only a few models from which to choose, the sales floor will have an extensive collection as well as a catalog of additional products that can be ordered and shipped to the store.

Access to the Best Brands

While stores may sell products at different price points, they’re selective about the brands they carry. Rather than offering the cheapest, lowest quality model available, they carry the brands that best serve their customers. The models sold at appliance stores are designed to last and often meet minimum quality standards set by the store’s managers.

Stores Have Support Teams

Many local stores have trusted service experts they work with to perform repairs on the products they sell. Because they’re part of the community, appliance stores establish relationships with local repair experts to better serve their customers. The store is there to provide support even after the upgrade has been delivered and installed in a home.

Delivery and Installation is Covered

Used products purchased at garage sales must be installed at the expense of the buyer. If the buyer feels confident, they can attempt to install the device on their own, but if they find the installation process too difficult, they’ll need to find an expert to finish the job. Many local stores, on the other hand, offer delivery and installation at little to no additional cost. The store trains their personnel to properly install new equipment without voiding the manufacturer warranty or doing damage to the customer’s home.

Local dealers are the experts in their field. They know which unit will work best for a given space and are always willing to provide advice to help customers find the right fit for their home. When it’s time to replace an oven, head to a local shop rather than browsing garage sales or surfing internet deals.

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