If your fridge is not cooling for some unknown reason, you can follow this step-by-step guide to detect the problem and fix it yourself. The process is quite simple and can be done using a few simple tools.

Required Tools

  • Ratchet/socket set
  • Write cutter/stripper

Required Materials

  • Condenser/Evaporator Fan


When a fridge fails to keep your ice cream frozen or milk cold, know that there can be different causes. Before you follow advanced techniques, we suggest that you try a few easy fixes first.

• Make sure that the unit is plugged in and the light turns on upon opening the door

• Check the fridge thermostat to ensure it’s working

• The backside vents should not be clogged with frozen veggies or ice cream boxes.

• Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the coils as clogged coils may be the culprit

• The condenser fan should spin freely and shouldn’t be stuck. All you need to do is unplug the appliance and pull the condenser out. Also, clean the blades of the fan and rotate it by hand to see if it’s operational. Put it back, turn on the fridge and see if it runs fine.

How to Replace the Evaporator Fan

Follow the steps given below:

Remove the Cover

First, take off the cover to take a look at the evaporator and get access to the evaporator fan.

Remove the Fan Cover

If there is a fan cover, you can remove the screws to get access to the fan.

Remove the Evaporator Fan

If you are sure that the fan doesn’t spin or makes noise, you should replace it. First, power off the fridge and remove the screws.

Replace the Fan

Put a new fan in place of the old one. Use the mounting bracket of the damaged fan on the new one. Unplug the wires and attach them to the brand new fan. Lastly, replace the cover.

Replace the Condenser Fan

Unplug the fridge and remove the panel on its back. Now, you can reach the condenser and compressor fan. Your next move is to turn on the fridge and wait for a few seconds to let the compressor turn on.

Make sure the fan is also working. if the compressor works but the fan fails, get a new fan. Now, if none of the things work and compressor seems too hot, power off the unit and point a pedestal fan at the compressor.

Now, wait for a few minutes to let the compressor cool down and make an attempt. If the fan doesn’t work, you need to replace it. If neither the fan nor the compressor runs, you need to get a new compressor relay. In this case, you need to get in touch with a technician.

When should you Replace the Condenser Fan

You can replace it if it won’t run or makes a lot of noise. You may need to remove the bracket to take off the fan.

Install the Brand New Fan

Near the old fan, you will see a few wires. Cut them and connect the brand new fan using quality wire connectors. Attach the new fan and check again.

So, if your fridge is not cooling, you can try out these tips to fix it.

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