A blender can save you plenty of time in the kitchen. Not only for preparing meals, but also creating delicious drinks. There are quite a few types of them though so finding the right one for your needs is important. Take some time to check what you need and that will make shopping easier.

Hand Held

A small, hand-held blender can be great for making smoothies and other types of drinks. They don’t take up much space at all and they are easy to use. This type is called an immersion model. As the name indicates, you place it into a cup and it mixes your ingredients together quickly. Some of them have a variety of attachments to help you do more with them.

Other hand-held models are cordless. This can be great for taking it to the office or when you travel. You do have to make sure you keep the battery charged though or it won’t work for you like it should.

Counter Top

The most common type of blender is the counter top model. There are many varieties that fit into this category. Some of them have just a few simple buttons. Others have several rows of buttons to give you all the options you could dream of for mixing your ingredients. There is a base and there is a mixing container.

Compare such products based on the size of the mixing container. The larger it is, the more you will be able to mix at one time. You also want to look at the motor size and speed. With this type of product you can puree, mix, chop, and complete many more tasks. It can be fun to experiment with the various settings.


Creating alcoholic beverages can be fun with such a product. There are those designed to crush ice so you can make margaritas as other frozen concoctions. You can also use this type of product to make smoothies if you wish. You can find recipes online or you can create your own!


If you make large batches of foods or drinks with your blender, you should consider a commercial size. They are heavy-duty and offer a higher capacity. They also have a motor that is quite powerful. This ensures you can use them often, completely mix your ingredients, and not worry that such efforts are taking a toll on your product.

There really isn’t a limit with the commercial models regarding the types of ingredients they can handle. They tend to do well with heavier substances though than the stationary models can. Often, the heavier products will cause a stationary model to freeze up.


What is your budget for a blender? That can influence the product you buy. If you plan to use it often, it makes sense to get one with more features and overall better quality. If you will only use it now and then, it is practical to get a model that is moderately priced.

Size and Colour

The types of tasks you plan to tackle with your blender will influence the size you purchase. You want it to be large enough to take care of your needs in very little time. Don’t buy one that is too small and then have to complete several batches in it each time you use it. Of course you need to take your counter space into consideration too!

There are plenty of colours and styles to pick from. You shouldn’t have any problem at all finding something that works well, fits your budget, and looks great with the other d├ęcor in your kitchen.

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