Clean the soap scum effectively

The soap scum is a painful task to perform, isn’t it? You should scrape it off using a plastic putty knife. Many of us didn’t know but using putty knife saves you half the time you spend removing the scum with a sponge. To avoid scum build up in the future, use soap gels or synthetic liquid as they don’t form scum as easily the bar soaps do. It will help you keep the bathroom clean for long without any scum formed on the surface.

Dust regularly

People use cloths for dusting, okay understood. However, using a feather duster will save a lot of time. These dusters have proved highly effective in cleaning pictures, blinds and even areas otherwise difficult to reach. It only takes a few minutes to dust with a feather duster. So, you can even start minutes before a guest arrives at short notice. If you haven’t dusted the areas long ago, you might need a cloth for the purpose or else, duster is the best approach for getting away with light film of dust on surfaces.

Have shiny stainless steel

Undoubtedly, stainless steel gives a beautiful, stain-resistant look, but it also smudges and form fingerprints soon. The best way known to keep stainless steel clean and shiny is using mineral oil to wipe the sinks, countertops and other steel surfaces. Why? Mineral oil has the tendency to increase resistance and repel water which further prevents sticking materials settling on the steel surface.

Get away with the smell from the disposal

If you have smelly disposal, better clean them on a regular basis. For a quicker process, drop orange peels or lemon into the drain. Now, run the disposal for almost 15 seconds, drop some ice cubes and run it for a second time. As you turn off the disposal, use a stopper in the sink and fill it with water until half full. Finally, pull the stopper out and let the water flush down the disposal giving you naturally fresh scent.

Make your windows streak-proof

A window cleaner and paper towel doesn’t cut down the streaks always. In case of small windows, better use newspaper for cleaning the glass and keep away streaks. For larger windows, the best idea is to use a squeegee. It saves you time and enables reaching edges accumulated with a lot of dirt and grime.

Try out these easy and simple tricks for house cleaning and see how smooth the task turns out to be.

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