The estimated cost in doing this woodwork project is not much as $20. You do not only save cost, but you can also get in touch with your creativity and create something useful in your home. One advantage of making a DIY magazine storage container is it will be easier for you to archive your past issued magazines. Magazines will be easier to reach your fingertips.

Before you start the woodwork project, you need to prepare the following tools to save you time and disappointment. You should handle these tools with care because they might hurt you if you will be careless. Children should not be left unattended with all these tools scattered in your house. Therefore, you need to keep them away from children. Here is the list of required tools.

· Drill

· Circular saw

· Jigsaw

· Sander

· Nail gun

· Safety glasses

· 5-gallon bucket

· Pencil to draw

· Tape

After preparing all the tools above, you need to acquire all necessary materials for making this woodwork project. Just a tip, avoid buying the materials under heavy time constraints because this will make you choose the wrong materials which could affect the quality of your finished wooden magazine storage containers. It is therefore recommended to acquire all materials way ahead of time. The required materials are:

· ¼ inches plywood

· 1 x4 pine

After all the tools and materials are ready, you can now start to make your DIY wooden magazine storage containers. Here are the following steps.

Step 1: Draw the cuts

Get the plywood and cut it into eight pieces. Each piece should have the dimensions of 11×11 inches. Utilize the 5-gallon bucket to draw a natural S shape from each cut plywood pieces by placing it on top of the plywood pieces. Make sure that before you place the bucket, it is dry and clean. Start the S shape from the corner across the plywood piece. End the curve to a 6-inch mark on the opposing side. A smooth S shape will do. To be exact, an elongated S curve is suggested.

Step 2: Cut the curves

Pile two pieces of cut plywood and make sure that the smooth sides meet each other. Fasten the two pieces together with a tape at all four sides of the plywood. Make sure that they are fused together and they won’t be moved with any movement. After making sure that the two pieces are fastened together, cut the curve with the use of a jigsaw. You can also use a band saw if a jigsaw is not available. While doing it, make sure that you are wearing you safety glasses to protect your eyes from any flying particles caused by the plywood being sawed. Also do it in a stationary area, for example at the edge of a table, or a chair, to make sure that you will be able to cut the plywood pieces carefully while tracing an S curve.

Step 3: Nail the S-curve plywood with the pines

Cut the pine boards with a saw into 6 and 11 inches in lengths. The longer pine board will be positioned to the other side of the two S-curve plywood pieces while the shorter pine board will be placed at the opposing side of the two plywood pieces. Drill a 1-inch diameter in each shorter pine board pieces. After that, nail the pieces together. Nail the plywood to the pine boards with a 1- inch finish nails. To make the surfaces smoother, sand them properly. You can also paint them in any color of your preference to add vibrancy.

The total number of wooden magazines storage containers that can be finished in this DIY woodwork project is 8 cases. You can place them in your living room, library room, and bedrooms to organize all magazines in your house. You can also give them away as a gift to your relatives and friends. It’s simple and easy.

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