Plumbing, electrical, heavy demolition, and projects involving fragile or unwieldy materials-these are the ones experts often recommend be left to the professionals.

“We don’t mean to hurt your ego, but we’ve witnessed some home projects that didn’t turn out for the best, just because a homeowner bit off more than they could chew,” said Huffington Post “We’re talking about those tasks that require a bit more training than a half-hour class at your local Home Depot. The kind that, if done wrong, could cost a lot of money to fix. Or worse.”

For many people, Countertop installation falls into that category, whether you’re dealing with granite, quartz, or recycled glass installation. The cons of DIY is a little money saved. But the pitfalls of DIY installation gone wrong may outweigh the savings:

Cons of DIY

• requiring special tools and the skill to operate

• obtaining the correct glues & tints to laminate the apron and bond the seam

• The skill required to set a tight, level seam

• Cracking the slab

• Fit issues that require offsite adjustments and delays

• Damaged walls, cabinets, or backsplashes

• Plumbing issues that arise from sink and faucet removal and replacement

• Improper adhesion

Granite Overlays

Granite Overlays another popular countertop choice for today’s homeowners, offers an additional benefit for DIYers because it requires no demolition. Instead of having to rip out countertops, this product is overlayed directly on top of them, making it tempting for DIYers to attempt their own install.

“With no demolition necessary, the installation process takes as little as one day and eliminates the mess and inconvenience caused by conventional countertop installations,” said Better Homes and Gardens.

Homeowners should keep in mind that while granite overlays are lighter than traditional granite slabs, they can be hard to maneuver for those who are not accustomed to working around angles. The same DIY cons that keep people from attempting to install granite, quartz, or recycled glass countertops in their home also lead them to a professional who can come in and complete a job that looks easier than it actually is. If it was easy, everybody would do it, and there would be little value to it!

Granite overlays gives you the gorgeous look you deserve without the demolition and installation headaches you may have if you were to do it yourself. There are definitely the pros and cons but having a professional will definitely save you time and extra problems to reface your beautiful kitchen or bathroom.

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