Overheating is the primary cause of LED failure. If left on for long periods, LED chips experience a much shorter lifespan and lose light output. This especially causes a problem when fitting cheaper, lesser brand GU10 lamps in a fire rated downlight as the heat has no-where to go. Some of the better brands have designed their GU10s to dissipate heat more effectively, but integrated LED downlights have been specifically designed to most effectively deal with this problem. Having more room for a sizeable heat sink keeps the heat away from the chip and allows it to run cooler for longer, also allowing for brighter, more powerful chips to be installed.

The transformer is integral to the unit, meaning there is no need to buy separately, saving money and hassle when installing. Some recent offerings have done away with the transformer all together, constructing LED chips that have a higher turn-on voltage that is closer to the supply. This eliminates the need for a transformer, but also the driver’s capacitor that proved to be one of the first components to fail. This leads to the units being more compact and easier to fit in smaller spaces.

There are now restrictions on how much wattage is allowed on lighting circuits in new build properties which has led to manufacturers making fittings with even lower wattages. Seven and even five watt versions are now available, making the save on your electricity bill even greater.

Fire rating is another aspect of the regulations that these downlights easily comply with. Most integrated LED downlights are tested to be resistant to fire up for 30, 60 and 90 minutes. These fittings, with the addition of an insulation cover on the top are fully insulation coverable, also complying with Part E of the regulations, providing resistance to the passage of sound. Some very new models have these covers already fitted.

An IP65 rating is an important thing to look for when considering downlights. Ingress Protection means the unit can be fitted in any zone of a bathroom and guards against water ingress, limiting the chance of shorting. It is advisable to stick with the well known brands in this instance, the better quality fittings will perform better in this regard.

The removable bezel means that you can change your mind on the finish, but also it can be removed to paint the ceiling, no risk of an unsteady hand ruining the finish.

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