Now a days electricity is very important in our life, but there is a huge leakage of electricity during transportation from electricity generator point to consuming point. Generally engineers accept that variance of leakage considered at any point 10% so electricity counted 10% up and down of 100, 200, 400, 10000 etc. watts. so it is always count added 10% of 100,200,400,10000 etc. so it measure 110,220,440,11000 watts etc., normally we say it that electricity always count in the multiple of 11. This leakage is a big looses to us.

Because when we transfer this electricity one place to another palace than we transfer it via wire from one pole to another pole, this wire always open to air, due to humidity it got earth and loose current in atmosphere, so we do not go near to electricity wire during rain and fog. If we able to stop this electricity than we can save a huge units of electricity. But question is, how can we stooped it. I have 2 option as under neath –

1- We use plastic covered cable to transfer electricity from one place to another place instead of open wire,

in this way current does not come in to contact of air, so it can be reduced leakage. Here I said reduce not stooped, but reduction of electricity will be a huge units of power. Some country use this system in its distribution of electricity at domestic connection as well as commercial connection. But here they use it not for saving, they use it to protect” robbery of electricity”, so it is not as effective as it can be. but major looses of electricity happen during transportation of current from grid to transformer. If we use it at all point of transportation than we can save electricity. It can be possible if we use plastic coated wire at all part of transportation.

2- This is an unequal idea. We know that if wire has a less thickness it cannot carry large quantity of electric, because it will be burn out due to presence of air, if we do it in absence of air than that thin wire will not be burn and it will carry a huge amount of electricity. So, we make cables which is just like a vacuum pipe and a thin wire fit in this cable, if we carry electricity with this cable than 0% of electricity will be loose, and we save huge quantity of electricity for people.

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