When we first procure a piece of furniture, we are excited and can’t wait to add that piece in our homes. It is new and beautiful as well as comfortable and stylish. If only it could remain that way forever. However we need to live our lives which means that we spend a lot of time seated on a couch, lounge chair or dining chair. With time furniture tends to suffer from wear and tear which could leave it looking tattered.

When is the best time to reupholster your furniture?

There are a couple occasions when it is ideal to reupholster a couch or chair.

  • The material is torn.

If the leather or fabric is torn or worn out to such an extent that you can see the foam inside the couch or chair, then it is time to reupholster it. You can select to have it upholstered with the same type of material and in the same colour as before, if you want to hang on to the style you first fell in love with. Alternatively you could change the look altogether by selecting a fabric and colour that is in keeping with your current interests. Perhaps over the years you have accumulated other furniture in a modern style and colours that you’ve grown to like and the old couch is no longer in keeping with this style. Now is the time to opt for a colour that will complement the other furniture in the room.

  • Redecorating your home.

Another occasion when you might want to reupholster your furniture would be when you are undertaking a project to redecorate your home. At this stage you would have planned what the room needs to look like, the colours would have been chosen and the layout of the furniture would have been planned. The next step would be to acquire the décor items according to your planned design. The couches in your lounge may no longer fit in with the new style. Instead of buying new couches, you could simply have the couches upholstered to match the new décor design. For example, if you decide on a modern theme that incorporates monotones, you could reupholster your current couch in a black leather material. It will cost you much less to reupholster the couch versus buying a new one.

Reupholstering your furniture can be fun and exciting too, especially if you are waiting to see the result of your new design ideas. Furniture upholstery is a more affordable means of redecorating and preserving your furniture.

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