Buying a new, turn-key home can be an exciting time for any homeowner. New construction, established neighbourhoods, and state-of-the-art features and amenities are just some of the many advantages that come with being the first buyer of a home. However, while the convenience of a move-in-ready property brings with it many positive features, it usually is lacking one significant necessity: furniture. When tasked with furnishing their new, beautiful home, many owners can quickly feel overwhelmed and under-budgeted.

It Is Possible To Furnish Your Home On A Budget – If You Have A Plan

Fortunately, furnishing a new residence doesn’t have to prove a daunting experience. It is possible to get everything you need to make your turn-key house start to feel like home quickly and smoothly. Considering the following tips and pointers can help make getting the furniture you need (and looks you want) a fun and positive experience:

Make a list: While making a list may seem a little simplistic, it really can make a major difference for homeowners trying to stick to a budget. By writing down the major pieces you’ll need, you can stay focused on finding the most important items, without getting distracted by impulse buys.

Focus on one room at a time: Attempting to furnish an entire house all at once can not only be expensive, but it can also feel completely overwhelming, as well. Choose one room at a time to focus on – it will actually help you feel more accomplished throughout the process. This way, you can save money in between projects, and stick to your overall budget.

There’s an app for that: One of the best parts about furnishing a home in the 21st century? You can tap into the power of online technology to help you. Use online tools and resources to help you price-watch specific pieces that you have your eye on, to ensure you get the best deal possible.

One man’s rubbish: Can truly be your treasure! Gather your list and hit your neighbourhood, to see what type of used items are for sale right in your own backyard. Always check out local garage sales and thrift shops in your area. These second-hand items are often in ‘like new’ condition, but still offer bargain basement pricing. Best of all, getting out to local sales is a great way to get more familiar with your new neighbourhood, and learn more about everything that’s offered close to your new home sweet home.

Put the “Y” in DIY: Have you already shopped everywhere you can think of, but just can’t seem to find a certain piece that meets your budget (or that you like)? Consider a do-it-yourself project. If you’re new to the realm of DIY, start with small projects to build confidence, before moving onto more complicated endeavours. Homemade headboards, re-upholstered chairs, and even coffee tables are just some of the many items you may be able to make on your own, all while holding firm to your budget… and your sanity!

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