One of the wonderful things about a uPVC conservatory is that it can virtually be used in any way you like. Need some extra space for a study? a playroom for the little ones? perhaps even a rudimentary home gym? A conservatory offers versatility and a place to enjoy the warmth of summer without exposing yourself to the elements. You can also bring the outside inside with the use of uPVC french doors which are both secure and a great way of opening up the room (literally as well as figuratively!).

The average conservatory adds around £12,000 to the average UK home and uPVC double glazing throughout the home sees an average return of around £5,000 according to several sources. One of the reasons for this increase in value is the sheer durability of uPVC and its resilience against the weather. It requires next to no maintenance and is extremely easy to clean when the time comes.

It’s also worth mentioning the insulation and draft excluding potential of uPVC windows and doors throughout your home as well as in the conservatory. On a sunny day you won’t need heating in your conservatory – they conserve heat in the same way a greenhouse does – and you might also choose to use it as a dining room or lounge to enjoy the heat and save on your heating bills. While there are obvious summertime benefits, conservatories can have their uses in winter time too. We mention the draft stopping potential of uPVC windows and doors, and this holds true for your conservatory also. You may have a heater (such as an electric radiator) in you conservatory but you’ll find it will heat up very quickly and the uPVC doors and windows will keep the heat firmly inside, and there are no ‘outside walls’ to emit heat. Heating up you ‘green house’ will be a lot cheaper and efficient that heating other areas of your home. A loft for example, unless excellently insulated, will lose a lot of heat through the roof tempting you to crank up the thermostat, and the same goes for room extensions, many of which have 2 or 3 outside facing walls for the heat to escape from.

So if you’re planning an extension for a little more space and to add a little more value to your property, you should certainly consider a uPVC conservatory. It could be the best thing you ever do!

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