If you want to check what kind of a neighbor you are in the apartment, check the way you park and know yourself. If you want to be a good neighbor in the apartments, you need to follow some basic manners and etiquette that would make you the popular and most decent neighbor in the apartments. Parking is one major concern when it comes to living in an apartment with other people and you have to take care of others’ rights and their rides to make sure that everything is going on point. On the other hand, the security of your vehicle is also important to be considered, so you have to make sure that you abide by the following rules when it comes to parking in the apartments.

  • Do not park on the lines

Lines are defining the parking slots where you can park your vehicle and stay out of trouble. But if you are parking on the line, you are making a mess not only for the other people who want to park but also for yourself.

  • Always park on your designated spot

All the tenants of the apartments are given specific spots where they can park their vehicles and nobody else will park their car in yours. If everyone follows this rule, everyone will always have their designated spot available for them to park the car.

  • Be good always

Even if you find someone breaking these rules or taking over your designated spot, you need not get frustrated or lose your temper. Rather stay calm and try to tell them what they are doing wrong.

  • Be responsible

We all know that accidents can occur and anyone can make mistakes. So if something bad happens from your end, take responsibility for your action, apologize and fulfill the loss that you have made for others. This will make you a responsible citizen and will teach others good manners as well.

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